Outdoor Products Company Stays Sunny

Tracking and coordinating 20 million pieces of mail per year isn't easy. For the circulation manager at a national outdoor furniture and accessories company, using seed names was expensive and only marginally effective in confirming delivery of catalog mailings.

After reading about Intelligent Mail® barcodes in a trade publication, she thought she’d found the answer. But getting information from Post Office™ data was difficult and took too much time and effort to be useful or cost-effective. Then a Postal Service™ representative recommended several tracking services, including TrackMyMail™ Services. After one visit to the website and a single trial mailing, she was hooked.

With TrackMyMail, it took the circulation manager less than three minutes each month to set up a new mailing. For each list, she randomly selected 20,000 addresses for mail tracking assignment, which cost significantly less than the 200 seed names she used previously.

The easy-to-use online reports provided her with accurate and timely information to better engage prospects. With up-to-the-minute status on delivery dates, she was able to provide management with the data needed to staff call centers efficiently and keep distribution centers adequately stocked. She also used this information to adjust her drop dates around seasonal and geographic slow-downs for predictable deliveries.

Since adopting TrackMyMail, the circulation manager discovered multiple business benefits from the data generated by the reports. Just by knowing when catalogs reached customers, the company was able to save tens of thousands of dollars on call center staffing alone. It also increased customer satisfaction by being able to forecast peak demand, add sales representatives accordingly and ensure product was ready when needed.