The client of a direct marketing services provider was looking to launch a direct mail campaign to promote its website. The plan was to use a two-step approach, in which presorted First-Class Mail® postcards were sent to the same list of 200,000 prospects 30 days apart. The list was compiled from multiple sources; printing and postage costs were significant.

The service provider processed the list for CASS® and NCOALink® going back four years. However, it knew that NCOALink® likely would not provide all the address change corrections needed. So when the first mailing went out, it was tracked using the Intelligent Mail® barcode and UpdatePro™ from TrackMyMail™ for Address Change Service (ACS™).

The ACS™ results from the first mailing showed that, even after going through NCOALink®, nearly 25,000 cards were non-deliverable and almost 3,000 required an address change. Thanks to the data provided by TrackMyMail, the service provider removed the non-deliverables, and used UpdatePro to update the others. These changes reduced the expected printing and mailing amounts for the second mailing by roughly 12%.

As a result, the service provider saved the client over $10,000 on printing, mailing services and, most importantly, postage. The client saved money and gained a far more accurate list; the direct marketing services company earned additional trust and confidence in its business.