Finds Cure for Its Headaches

When you mail over 65 million pieces per year, you need to keep on top of everything—from mail drop dates and delivery windows to special offers and response rates. That’s why the print buyer for a major national clothing retailer needed more up-to-the-minute information about deliveries than seed lists could provide. In addition to ensuring mailings reached customers on time, she also needed to test many personalized packages every month promoting online and in-store sales.

With TrackMyMail™ Services, the print buyer used Intelligent Mail® barcodes to track every mailing to its delivery point, and confirm delivery online. The product was easy to use, with built-in reports that kept retail stores, call centers and upper management informed with accurate, up-to-date information on the progress of every promotional mailing.

The buyer also used TrackMyMail to test different mail facilities, to determine how long it took each facility to deliver mailings to a specific location. With this information, the retailer was able to hit delivery dates every time, simply by choosing the right postal center for every drop.

Another benefit was the ability to route mailings away from trouble spots caused by major natural disasters. Since TrackMyMail shows every postal center that mailings pass through, the buyer could choose drop centers that redirected mailings past slow-down points so they could get to prospects on time.

With TrackMyMail, the print buyer actually improved mailing performance by over 30% simply by pinpointing delays and their locations. TrackMyMail has also dramatically increased the effectiveness of message testing for the retailer, giving sales and marketing the data they needed to make better decisions, improve response rates and drive more customers to online and retail stores.