Provides Relief from Refunding

The Christmas Holiday week is usually a slow time for many clients of a direct marketing services company. Most of them expect a decrease in responses during this period. However one customer was so sure the downturn was due to mailing errors in his campaign that he demanded a full refund from the company for all of his costs. That meant paying back everything: the postage, paper, printing, the service fees, you name it.

To prove that it wasn’t responsible for the low response rates, the company created a username and password with TrackMyMail™ Services for the client. That way, the client could go online directly to receive reports and check mailings as often as he liked (a service that the company now provides for all clients). As a result, the disgruntled client could see for himself, by looking at data taken directly from the USPS®, the exact number of pieces that were scanned, when they were sent and when they arrived.

Realizing that the direct marketing services company was not to blame for the low response, the client decided not only to withdraw his refund request, but also to double the weekly amount of mail handled by the company! And to this day, he raves about being able to go online to view his TrackMyMail reports daily.

In fact, TrackMyMail has proven to be a terrific selling tool for the direct marketing services company when presenting its services to prospects. It has proven to be highly effective in showing prospects that they can place their trust in the company’s services, through third-party validation from TrackMyMail.

As for its existing clients, the direct marketing services company sends them updates every morning on their mailings. Beyond just a value-added service, TrackMyMail has also given the company a way to gently touch base with its clients every day and establish another avenue of communication and relationship-building.