The client of a marketing services agency wanted to test what timing would be most effective when sending an announcement email either prior to, or after, the arrival of a direct mail package. The agency developed an approach that would trigger emails based on expected and actual in-home arrival dates. For emails sent before the package arrived, the agency needed to know when the package was expected to arrive; for emails sent after arrival, it needed to know the date the package was delivered. In both cases, fast information turnaround was critical.

Before the idea was presented to the client, the agency contacted the customer service team at TrackMyMail™ Services for assistance. The team helped the agency develop a solution for the test that applied different identifiers to individual records, projected in-home arrival dates and tracked actual arrivals at specific addresses. The team also set up an automated daily feed of tracked data back to the agency, with each item classified by its particular timing. The end result was that the agency could easily see which time interval worked the best.

The client was extremely impressed with the agency’s idea, and with the way TrackMyMail worked in partnership with the agency to execute it. The program worked flawlessly, and provided the client with extremely valuable information on how to proceed with combination direct mail/email campaigns. The agency also used the testing to change its best practices for multi-channel campaigns using direct mail and email communications.