One of the country’s largest direct response printers sent out thousands of sale mailers for a tuxedo rental client just before prom season. However, the mailers, which included a coupon, were delivered much earlier than expected—and customers began showing up in stores to redeem the coupon before the retailer had even notified the individual stores about the promotion!

Fortunately, the printer’s manager of postal affairs tracked all of its time-sensitive mailings with TrackMyMail™ Services.

TrackMyMail allowed the manager to pinpoint exactly where the mail was hitting and when it would deliver. For a whole week, his team monitored TrackMyMail’s reports to tell the client exactly which areas, down to the ZIP Code™, were getting mail early.

Armed with ZIP™ Codes of the early deliveries, the client emailed stores in the affected areas and told them on a daily basis when customers would be coming in with the coupons. They were able to tell each store approximately how many people to expect, ensuring the store had the information and inventory it needed to meet critical prom season demand.

Since the majority of this printer’s clients were in the retail market, TrackMyMail was an integral part of the printer’s turnkey services. From hitting in-home dates for specific sales and outside media promotions, to utilizing the delivery reports to ensure optimum call center staffing, TrackMyMail delivered real business value.

The printer also found that TrackMyMail’s reliability and detailed reporting was a major advantage in winning new business. In fact, it won a major piece of business from an existing client due mainly to TrackMyMail’s ability to break down delivery information by specific geographic criteria.