A printer was contracted by a major footwear manufacturer to coordinate a national consumer campaign that highlighted a holiday event at its retail locations. Talk about a pressure situation: the printer had to ensure that 270,000 pieces would land in homes within a five-day period. And the manufacturer was relying heavily on this campaign to generate virtually all of its holiday season sales.

The printer did a test mailing with a 30-day offer period, based on Standard Mail® distribution with a freight consolidator. It used TrackMyMail™ Services to monitor delivery times and standards nationwide. Surprisingly, it was discovered that East Coast and Southeast destinations hit faster than local delivery. This data enabled the printer to segment the mailings across the country for coordinated, staggered distribution, and was also used to aid the USPS® at a local SCF to identify internal issues.

The resulting holiday promotion was a complete success. Although the target was to deliver 80% of the mailers within the target dates, 88% of the mailers arrived within that tight 5-day window. The customers poured in, the campaign hit its sales targets, and everyone had a happy holiday.