A direct mail lettershop recently acquired a new client seeking solutions to a number of mailing issues. To begin with, the client couldn't determine when recipients were receiving its mailpieces; if they were arriving on time, early or late; or even if they arrived at all. Also, the sales management team wasn't able to accurately report responses to the home office. As a result, the client had no idea of actual response rates and couldn't tell if one mail package design had better response than another. Ultimately, there was no way for the client to assess ROI.

The lettershop knew just what to do. Right away, it set the client up with its own login to TrackMyMail™ Services, and showed key personnel how to download and review the reports. Then, using the IMb and TrackMyMail's outbound and inbound tracking services, the lettershop addressed each mailpiece for both outgoing and return tracking. TrackMyMail helped the lettershop design and receive consolidated reports of all of the client's mailing data, using the tracking number as the data record key. It then designed a sales tracking system that was updated daily and matched to the individual mailpiece tracking number.

From an outbound perspective, the client was able to see when every mailpiece was received, and could instantly notify the appropriate sales manager. With the inbound tracking in place, the home office and sales management could ramp up staffing and make adjustments as needed. As a result, the sales manager could more effectively assign sales people to specific clients. And once the inbound data was uploaded into the sales tracking system, the sales manager had the critical data to better understand clients’ responses and needs, and gain better control of sales.

The client was able to determine the precise response rates generated by each mailpiece and could easily determine which worked best for specific regions and age groups. Most important, calculating ROI was no longer a mystery. With accurate numbers for outbound mailings, inbound response rates, and final closure rates, the client could easily determine the profitability of every mailing campaign it created.