TrackMyMail™ Found Him Out

A casino used monthly loyalty mailings to its customer base to build repeat business. Customers eagerly looked forward to these invitations. But one month, a large number of players complained that they had not received their offer in the mail. The problem was that the logistics company had shown the casino the signed Standard Mail Drop Shipment Authorizations—which were supposed to be the verification that all mail had been received by the USPS®.

Since the casino used TrackMyMail™ Services, it could quickly see the results. The reports showed that a large percentage of the mail had been delivered, so it was important to determine specifically where the problem had occurred. The View by SCF report revealed the problem: in one SCF, there were no scans at all.

With that information in hand, the casino went to the USPS® and presented them with the signed shipment authorizations. As it turned out, the person signing for them was not even a USPS® employee. Instead, the casino’s trucking company had used a third-party delivery firm whose driver had dumped the palette into a warehouse instead of delivering the mail!

Without TrackMyMail, the casino would have never been able to identify the problem. The signed shipment authorizations would have stood as "proof" that the mail had been delivered, even though it hadn’t been—and the casino’s customers would have never received their offers. But thanks to TrackMyMail, players got their mail, the casino kept their business and everyone came out a winner. Everyone, except the guy who left the mail in the warehouse.