Saved a Client Over $100,000

A direct marketing services company recently faced a major challenge from a client that was mailing a two-million piece, time-sensitive campaign to constituents across the country.

The size of the campaign wasn't the issue. The problem was that the lists were assembled from a wide variety of sources, and it was difficult to determine the validity of the addresses. So, in order to be compliant with postal regulations and to improve deliverability, the company sent all the addresses through NCOALink® processing before mailing.

Unfortunately, one list that went through NCOALink® had old data in it—very old data. Apparently a significant number of people on that list had moved more than four years ago, and the NCOALink® database only keeps data for 48 months. After that, a move is no longer recognized as a change. That's critical because NCOALink® processing only identifies filed changes. It doesn't actually confirm the validity of an address if there's no current change on file.

Ultimately, about 200,000 pieces went out with addresses that were too old for NCOALink®. The mailing went First-Class Mail®, so returns started coming back almost immediately.

Fortunately, the client had opted to track its mail using the Intelligent Mail® barcode and PrecisionTrack™ from TrackMyMail™ Services. With IMb tracking, if a piece of mail is either forwarded or returned, the destination ZIP Code™ changes but the mailpiece ID number stays the same.

Working with TrackMyMail, the direct marketing services company was able to identify every piece of mail that was forwarded or returned, and have a report delivered to the client. There was no need to manually go through the returned mail—the company could simply dispose of it and use the TrackMyMail data to remove those addresses from future mailings. The organization that provided the old list also received the benefit of being able to clean up their addresses.

Using the forwarded mail data, the direct marketing services company removed the undeliverable addresses immediately. That alone saved the client nearly $100,000, which would have been the cost of re-mailing to those bad addresses. Over the course of the campaign, the client saved tens of thousands of dollars—maybe hundreds of thousands—simply by using Intelligent Mail® and TrackMyMail.