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UK Ecommerce Country Report

The UK is a very attractive market for global online retailers.

Now available, the 2016 UK Country Report published by Pitney Bowes brings actionable insights to help retailers like you strategize on how to increase sales penetration in growing global markets.

With the UK being the third largest B2C ecommerce market in the world after US and China, the UK shopper is eager to buy what’s in vogue around the world now.

The UK Country Report will give insight to:

  • The average UK customer spends by country and average order value
  • The UK economy in relation to spending power
  • Buyer household income and spending behavior
  • Digital penetration statistics
  • And much more to power your UK selling strategy

With an eye towards international brands and shopping, the UK market shows strong potential for ecommerce sales growth. Simply complete the form to the right and download the UK Country Report today to learn more about this market and expand your global ecommerce reach.

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