Save on postage. Make your mail more powerful.

Bridge physical mail to the digital world. Enhance engagement and earn a 2% postage discount.

Last year the United States Postal Service® paid out over $80 million in postage discounts. This year, the USPS® is again offering an emerging and advanced technology/video in print promotion. You can incorporate mobile, video and other digital technologies into direct mail pieces. By doing so, you will enjoy a 2% discount on eligible postage. 

Almost 80% of internet traffic today is video, as per Cisco. Using video in print (ViP) enables you to increase the impact of direct mail, while dramatically enhancing customer engagement. 

With the Pitney Bowes award-winning EngageOne® Video solution you can maximize the ROI of direct mail. It is an industry-leading solution for building a branded, navigable, choice-based video customer experience. Personalized in real-time based on customer data, it’s a viewer-driven experience, and not your typical static YouTube video.

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  • Impactful: Unique, real-time experiences that deepen relationships 
  • Versatile: Any audience, any category, any scale
  • Predictive: Anticipates customer needs
  • Effective: Expert interaction without the overhead
  • Proven: Data-driven results that improve your bottom line

EngageOne® Video
Engagement. Evolved.

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