Choosing the right franking machine for your business will save money and time... day after day... letter after parcel after letter. For minimal investment, a franking machine brings big rewards.


Low Volume Franking Machines

Running a small business or work from home? Sending up to 30 letters or parcels per day?
A franking machine gives you access to major Royal Mail franking discounts – 16p on every 2nd class letter and 12p on first class. Switch from stamps to franking, order your free trial online today.

Medium Volume Franking Machines

Robust and reliable, our Mailmark™ ready, medium volume SMART franking machines are compact, easy to use and process up to 40 letters per minute. See how much you can save with our flexible leasing options. Request a call back from one of our franking advisors – no fuss, just answers to your questions

High Volume Franking Machines

Get the job done fast and at minimum cost. Reliable and easy to use, our Mailmark™ ready, high volume SMART franking machines help you get the job done fast and at minimum cost. Turn your regular mail into powerful communication tools with full colour franking. Flexible finance and service options make Pitney Bowes your ideal partner. Request a call back from one of our franking advisors – no fuss, just answers to your questions.

What is a SMART Franking Machine?

As you might imagine, SMART means clever, clever means efficient and efficient means money in your pocket.

Changes in EU rules meant that from January 2011 some mail is subject to VAT and some not. Things like Business Mail, Special Delivery 9am, Special Delivery Next Day (PPI) and Airsure attract VAT. Standard mail, parcels, airmail and Special Delivery Next Day (stamps and franking)don’t.

Only SMART franking machines give you access to postal discounts such as Business Mail Advanced – send as few as 500 items in a single batch and get savings of up to 16.7%.

Our franking machines even allow you to log onto a website and monitor the profile of your postage spend for one or multiple machines.

This allows you to spot where you are wasting money and stamp it out.


Keeping VAT simple

Our SMART machines automatically inform you of the breakdown. So you and the Royal Mail get a correct VAT figure. They invoice correctly, you pay the right amount and reclaim the correct amount from HMRC. It also gives you a far more detailed way of monitoring your spend by class and format.

You can get all the information you need with our detailed online reporting. Knowledge gives you control over your mail and your costs.

Impact of SMART technology to the metered mail market All franking machine suppliers now need to ensure that the products they sell are SMART if their customers want to:

  • Take advantage of savings from services such as Business Mail Advanced and associated volume-related discounts
  • Pay the right amount of VAT on postal services they use
  • Reclaim the right amount of VAT from HMRC
  • Monitor their postage spend by class and format via Pitney Bowes INVIEW reporting


Do you currently use Business Mail Advanced?

Business Mail Advanced is a ‘Bulk Mail’ product offered by Royal Mail. This service WILL be subject to the VAT change as of 2nd April 2012. Pitney Bowes customers will be experiencing no disruption to their Business Mail Advanced service. Can your current supplier be so confident?

Once again, Pitney Bowes are leading the market with embracing the postal and HMRC requirements. Within the UK Franking Machine Market we account for around 75% of all SMART Franking Machines. All new and refurbished meters issued are SMART.

Welcome to the home of Mailmark™ at Pitney Bowes. Join our Mailmark™ experts in a guided tour of Royal Mail’s latest development. What is it? What does it do? Will it mean savings? We answer all of the important Mailmark™ related questions here.

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark™ is the new mail preparation product from Royal Mail. The existing frank mark will be replaced with a new mark that has a 2D barcode, it looks different from the existing one and brings with it new possibilities. The “Delivered By Royal Mail” carrier mark and a new visual identifier that shows the format and class of mail add to this new look. Still got questions? Request a callback >>

What does it do?

In addition to providing ways of automatically receiving information onto your franking machine, Mailmark™ allows you to access services in a more efficient way. Barcodes are incorporated in the mark giving you more useful data, which becomes valuable to both Royal Mail and you, the customer. Still got questions? Request a callback >>

How does it help me unlock the value?

There are many ways in which Mailmark™ will add value to your business mail. Visually, there’s more room for your company’s logo or any other corporate information plus there are clearer indicators of class, price and carrier. Behind the scenes, data will be fed back to the customer via the Pitney Bowes INVIEW™ portal, and Mailmark™ uses LAN connectivity so it doesn’t need an analogue telephone line. Still got questions? Request a callback >>

Mailmark and Connect+

Mailmark and DM160

Read about Mailmark on the PB Talk business blog

Our in-house Royal Mail expert, Steve has a vast amount of knowledge and experience on all things Royal Mail related, so who better to explain the Royal Mail’s latest barcode phenomenon coming up in the near future. Go to blog post>>

Mailmark envelope gallery

Mailmark gives you a lot more space for your company’s logo and space for enhanced marketing messages that get through to the recipient even before they’ve opened the envelope.

With Mailmark you can print your own business reply envelopes, any quantity you wish, at the correct postage rate. Ideal if you have customers that need to return documents quickly. Still got questions? Request a callback >>