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University of Hertfordshire improves customer service and efficiency with automated tracking

Streamlining customer service and inbound deliveries

Client profile

Located in Hertfordshire, UK, with over 25,000 students and 2,700 staff

Enrolls more than 2,800 international students

Has a network of more than 195,000 alumni throughout the world 

Business Goals

Move from manual inbound parcel tracking system to automated tracking

Improve customer service with students and staff

Integrate tracking system with other departmental software packages


Implement end-to-end automated parcel tracking process

Reduce manual data entries and number of customer queries to locate items

Create a unique tracking function for hazardous items that need to be delivered to academic departments

Executive Summary

“I have been very impressed with the solution which has been provided from Pitney Bowes. Pitney Bowes have worked well with the organisation to ensure that all the requirements from the University have been met” Thomas Andrews
Support Services Manager, University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire

With a growing student population and number of satellite buildings, the University of Hertfordshire handles large volumes of inbound parcels each day. For years, the University had been reliant on a manual process to help manage the delivery of packages, but an internal review found the solution was no longer meeting the requirements of the University. The University turned to Pitney Bowes to update the delivery process and, ultimately, improve customer service for its students and staff.

Business Challenge

Each day, the University of Hertfordshire delivers a large volume of packages to its many departments and satellite buildings. The previous system was struggling to meet the demands of the customers and could not respond or react to customer queries fast enough. The system did not only affect the customer service. The post team struggled with the system with unreliable hardware and cumbersome processes.


Following the internal review, a wish list was put together with the aim of making a more streamlined and efficient service. Following a tender process Pitney Bowes proved it could meet the university’s basic needs and were prepared to go one step further. The decision was made to implement SendSuite Tracking software and streamline mail delivery of inbound student packages. The solution has been successfully employed at several universities throughout the UK.


With SendSuite Tracking software, the entire tracking process is now automated for the University and ensures full accountability for parcels until they are delivered. Barcode readers, electronic signature capture, and tracking and reporting functions help the University meet the expectations of its students and staff.

Customer emails are issued when their item arrives on site, when the item has been delivered and when someone has signed for their item. Knowing who signs for the package also has created an increased level of ownership across the University. The system has changed the way parcels are delivered across the University. It has reduced the number of customer queries to locate items, since customers are now more trusting of the service, and wait for the email.

In addition, the University telephone directory and finance system have a live link to SendSuite Tracking software to ensure accurate staffing locations are available. This means that only the Purchase Order number has to be entered, and all the delivery and contact information is automatically pulled through, reducing manual data entry. This eliminates the manual work of locating where people are across the campus. By typing in names and being able to locate them, all the manual entry — which was a big issue with the old software — is eliminated. SendSuite Tracking software has also made the University more integrated with other departments and their software packages.

SendSuite Tracking software also fulfilled another request from the University to create a unique tracking function for hazardous items, such as chemicals, that need to be delivered to academic departments. If an item is marked as a hazard, SendSuite Tracking software automatically prints a yellow label. This ensures the University is aware of the contents inside the box.