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Rate changes 30 March 2020

Australia Post is updating the rates for International Parcel sending and introducing a new 250g weight category for international parcels. This means customers can take advantage of better pricing for smaller parcels. Postage meter customers continue to enjoy discounts on all categories of mail and parcels. Call us for more information on 13 23 63 or check out rate charts and details here

More information about the 2 January rate changes is available here.

Lodging mail

The delivery timetable you choose, will determine how you prepare and present your mail.

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Meter updates

As a postage meter customer you now have access to cheaper postage rates. Make sure you have updated your product rates?

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More savings

Sending parcels is easy with a postage meter. Introducing the ‘Pay as you go’ Satchels and how these can save your shipping costs.

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Benefits range from cost savings to helping you promote your business. Find out when metering mail is right for your business.

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