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Automate your direct mail campaigns to maximise donor and volunteer engagement

Maintaining and increasing community support is essential for charities in a competitive not-for-profit environment. With more than 50,000 registered charities and numerous online fund-raising campaigns that’s a lot of organisations and individuals vying for donations in Australia.

Research by Roy Morgan has shown that donations continue to decline as not-for-profits face so-called donor-fatigue. The research found that in 2018 only 60 per cent of people donated during a 12-month period, compared with 61.8 per cent in 2017 and 66 per cent in 2014. In addition, the average amount donated was $486, only a slight increase from $460 in 2014.[1]

These statistics point to challenging times ahead for the not-for-profit sector. Charities need to be able to share the right messages with their audiences at the right time to secure those much-needed donations.

Direct mail is still a key tactic when it comes to engaging with donors, particularly in the lead-up to the end of the year and a busy holiday season. Implementing the right technology solution can help mobilise volunteers, and ensure your direct mail gets through to potential donors, in today’s competitive and noisy not for profit marketplace.

The Pitney Bowes Relay® 3500 inserting system can help. It automates mail folding and inserting, helping you save time and money for every direct mail campaign. Staff and volunteers won’t need to manually fold documents and stuff them into envelopes, this can all be done automatically saving time and potential frustration at doing a tedious manual job.

The Relay inserting system also lets you add special messages and revenue-generating inserts; it aligns the mailing addresses for a precise fit in envelope windows and it automatically seals your envelopes.

When your promotional material is ready to be sent out, consider whether you can further automate the mailing process, by using a postage meter. A postage meter is like a mini post office which lets you send mail and parcels from the comfort of your own office, all at discounted postal rates.

Furthermore, charities that are income tax exempt can get access to what’s called ‘Charity Mail’, heavily discounted rates from Australia Post that will help you save money on your bulk mailings (300 items or more). All you need to do to benefit from that solution, is sign up on the Australia Post website.

Automating your direct mail campaigns can make a real difference to the productivity of your staff and volunteers. It will save you time and money. It also helps you create and deliver professional-looking communication materials, enhancing the recipients’ experience with your brand.

Maximise your volunteer and donor support by automating your mailings today. To find out more about the Relay 3500 inserter system, or how we can help set you up for Charity Mail, contact us on 13 23 63 or visit