Relay multi-channel communications suite

Multi-channel delivery.

The Relay multi-channel communications suite digitises every document you produce, making multi-channel delivery and digital archiving easy. In addition, it enables you to create more efficient, more effective and more secure physical and digital community communications with no errors.

See the Relay™ communications hub in action.

See the Relay™ communications hub in action.

Watch how the Relay™ communications hub digitises your print-based communications, making it easy to transition from print to digital delivery and archiving.

Privacy with superior precision. 

Protecting community information is critical for your business so getting it right matters. Stay on top of changing customer needs and protect customer privacy with the Relay multi-channel communications suite. It makes it easier to transition paper-based documents to digital delivery while maintaining the integrity of sensitive information.

Hardware and software that work together.

The Relay multi-channel communication suite is a complete solution of hardware and software that frees you from your legacy platform limitations by giving you content, channel and production flexibility that works in your existing technology environment.  

Reduce mailing costs.

The Relay™ Hub adds accuracy and efficiency
to your physical mail. Here’s how:

relay hubWorks with your existing IT systems. 

You won’t need to interrupt document creation flows because the Relay multi-channel communications suite allows you to easily send overflow off-site. And because the Relay multi-channel communications suite works with your core billing platforms, you can enhance documents with the touch of a button, giving you maximum flexibility.

Real-time sending capabilities. 

Instantly transition print-based documents to digital delivery – and back – in real-time. If your business has peak- and off-peak mailing cycles, you can effortlessly toggle between in-house and off-site printers to keep up with volume.

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Unparalleled accuracy in physical mail production.

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Superior precision, producing error-free mail.

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Easily adapt to changing digital channels.

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Enhance documents for better customer engagement.