Postage Meters and Office Shipping Software

Send mail and packages easily from your office or mail room.

Streamline all of your office sending and save mailing and shipping costs with Australia Post.

What's the difference between a postage meter and an office shipping solution?

What is a postage meter?

A postage meter weighs and prints postage accurately on your outgoing business mail (essentially replacing a stamp). Postage is downloaded to your meter through your computer or digital telephone line, enabling you to pay for your postage without making trips to the post office or keeping piles of stamps in the office. You also gain access to Australia Post metered mail discounts.

What is an office shipping solution?

Pitney Bowes office shipping solutions are designed to help you simplify each phase of shipping through Australia Post. For example, the SendPro P Series mailing systems simplify processes by integrating mailing and receiving into a single system. The P Series provides a simpler, more streamlined way to send letter mail and large envelopes. With the receiving application, you can accurately log all of your incoming packages and important documents. 

Simplify your everyday office sending

Weigh & Compare


Accurately weigh all of your mail to get the right postage rate every time. Conveniently send parcels on demand with SendPro using the inbuilt weighing scales and shipping rates calculator.



Print precise postage for most classes of mail and professional looking shipping labels - complete with required barcodes - directly on envelopes or labels.

Send & Track


Send most classes of mail and shipments through Australia Post right from your office or mail room. Keep a close eye on your postage costs by tracking and reporting on different team or client accounts.  




Postage meter customers can access a small letter rate of $0.955c for Regular delivery and also enjoy deeper discounts on all categories of mails and parcels. Plus receive an additional 2.5% rebate on all postage resets.


We offer many sending solutions to meet your business needs.

Low - Mid volumes

DM175/185/195™ Enhanced Digital Postage Meter Series

Increase the speed, ease, and productivity of mail processing.

It's compact, innovative and sleek design fits into even the smallest of offices. Optional components provide the flexibility to configure a solution that meets your specific mailing requirements.


DM195™ SL Digital Postage Meter

Connected Metering for maximised productivity

Enjoy the capabilities of a fully functional mail centre while saving both time and money with the advanced features of the DM195 SL postage meter.


DM300™ Digital Postage Meter

Gain fast and accurate mail processing capabilities with this compact system.

Reliable and easy to use, it will deal with the mail in record time, and you can be confident your business is paying the correct postage on every letter and parcel.


DM400™ Digital Postage Meter

The perfect mailing system for a multi-user environments.

Capable of processing mail at speeds of up to 95 letters per minute, this system combines streamlined performance, solid design and easy operation.

Mid - High volumes

DM450™ Digital Postage Meter

Handle up to 300 accounts allowing you to track and monitor your postal expenditure.

Capable of processing up to 120 pieces per minute, this system is ideal for businesses processing mixed weight and sized mail.



DM450™ SL Digital Postage Meter

Connected Metering for maximised productivity

Maximum productivity and connectivity is crucial for business today. The DM450 SL Digital postage meter uses the very latest technologies to achieve fast and accurate mail processing... all within a connected environment.

SendPro P-Series

SendPro® P-Series

Mail and receive all in one place

Simplify your mailing processes by integrating mailing and receiving into a single system. With the receiving application, you can accurately log all of your incoming packages and important documents.

Postage Meter Ink and Supplies

Postage Meter Ink and Supplies

Buy all your genuine postage meter supplies online

View our full range of postage meter supplies including our geniune inks which have been specifically formulated for our postage machines. Minimise clogs and jams experienced with other inks and keep operations efficient throughout the lifespan of the cartridge.

Why Pitney Bowes?

90 plus years of innovation

As the inventors of the first commercially available postage meter, we have 90 plus years of experience delivering innovations that help clients navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce.


Over 1.5 million

That's how many small businesses across the world we help communicate to their clients, fulfill orders while enhancing productivity, improving mail delivery and optimising postage spend.    

Trusted partner

We understand companies want tools and partners that have experience navigating this world, while also finding hybrid solutions to move them forward in the digital space. Simply. Efficiently. And cost-effectively.