SendPro+ is an all-in-one sending technology.

No matter the size of your business, you are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. SendPro+ takes the complexity out of shipping. Choose between different couriers to get better discount rates and faster delivery when sending parcels.

SendPro Plus



Ways SendPro+ can help your business

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Simply weigh and print trackable shipping labels from one device.

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Track shipping and mailing activity in real time with our exclusive, integrated apps.
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Print and Process
Print shipping labels, apply the correct postage and seal envelopes at up to 65 letter per minute.

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Access Shippit
Access Shippit and Sendle.
Send parcels at discounted rates.

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Choose your preferred delivery option, including overnight shipping. Save money by comparing rates across different carriers.

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Welcome kit
Includes ink, labels and sealer.







Top SendPro+ features

Notable SendPro+ features

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Easy to use: 
Integrated on-device apps let you accurately and confidently track sending activity. The colour touchscreen display enables you to easily choose the ideal carrier and services for your needs.

Save money and time: Accurately weigh your packages and mail to calculate the correct postage amounts. Access exclusive SendPro+ multi-carrier shipping discounts, and automatically save on every parcel you send.

Fast and efficient: Process postage and seal envelopes at the speed you need, with speed up to 65 letters per minute.

Top SendPro+ features

SendPro™+ Specifications

User display

Colour touchscreen

Envelope processing

Up to 65 letters per minutes; Semi-automatic feeding

Envelope moistener


Integrated scale

Up to 7 kgs

Shipping label printer

4" x 6" carrier compliant labels

Electrical rating

100 - 240 VAC


Length (with drop stacker): 950mm, Height: 280mm, Width: 309mm

Envelope sizes

Up to 9mm thickness, Envelope Min: 89 x 127mm, Envelope Max: 330 x 380mm

Pre-loaded apps



Australia Post


SendPro+ with multi-carrier options through Sendle or Shippit.


LAN (wired) or Wi-Fi (wireless)

Included services


Basic accounting

Activated upon request. Up to 100 accounts

Basic analytics

High-level analytics

Optional add-on features


Premium accounting

Up to 500 accounts

External USB connected scale

12, and 35 kg

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SendPro™ + multi-carrier

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