Don't be fooled by carriers with a fragmented network.

Optimize your network to go further, faster and for less with our Regional Delivery Service.

Reach more than 20 major cities and 240 million consumers within 1-3 days.

At Pitney Bowes, when our clients need more flexibility, we deliver. While other carriers claim to have a national network, we’re busy filling the gaps where they lack. Our Regional Delivery Service now includes even more cities across the Northeast, West Coast, Southwest and Southeast regions of the US, and we're still expanding nationally.* 

Regional Marketing Map
Regional Marketing Map

We’ve already contributed to a 22% growth for client volumes in Q1. Are you ready to join the success story?

Here's how you can benefit:

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Predictable Delivery
Reach an additional 100 million consumers within 1-3 days in select ZIP Codes.
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Extensive Coverage:
Our expanded service covers major metro areas, including Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston and many more. Get the full list here.
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Cutting-Edge Technology
Leverage our Designed Delivery Platform, including fully-automated sort centers and best-in-class technology.
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Stack up on savings with our free multicarrier branded tracking, a free carbon calculator, free network modeling, minimal surcharges and competitive pricing.  
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Tailored Solutions
We offer a consultative approach, providing a comprehensive analysis of shipping volumes to determine the best fit for regional services while maximizing national volume tier discounts.
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Customizable Features
Our service includes optional first-mile transportation or drop-off at the facility, allowing you to tailor regionalized delivery based on your needs.
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* 1-3 day regional service available to select areas based on induction facility / facilities.

Let’s design the right blend of speed and cost to optimize your regional shipping needs.