PS cube

Introducing PitneyShipᵀᴹ Cube.

Saving time is now as easy as weigh, print, and ship.

The first-ever smart, WiFi-enabled label printer with built-in scale lets you weigh packages and print shipping labels right from your phone.

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The ecommerce seller’s guide
The ecommerce seller’s guide
Get tips and strategies to understand the consumer mindset and make the most of ecommerce sales.
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Shipping Boxes
Pitney Bowes Knows Shipping
At Pitney Bowes, we know shipping, and we know it’s complex - from managing constantly changing shipping rates, to tracking packages, to simplifying shipping processes, to leveraging shipping insights for competitive advantage.
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Function of Beauty
Can your current delivery solution handle made-to-order products?
Let’s make meeting customer delivery expectations as easy as a ‘rinse & repeat.’
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