Get connected to stay connected

Avoid disruptions to your mail operations. Switch your postage meter to a digital internet connection today.

Why you need to switch your connection?

With telecommunication companies moving away from traditional analog phone lines, you’ll need to connect your Pitney Bowes meter via an internet connection (e.g. ethernet cable). This will help avoid any disruptions in your business operations. If you continue to connect your meter via a phone line, you’ll be unable to reach our servers once Pitney Bowes Analog infrastructure is discontinued in October 2022.

Here’s how you’ll benefit when you upgrade to a digital internet connection.

  • Avoid any possible disruptions to your business operations.
  • Save cost by eliminating the need for a dedicated analog phone line.
  • Enjoy a more reliable connection than with an analog connection.
  • Take advantage of faster transmissions for postal rate updates, software updates and refilling postage.

Connect digitally with these simple steps

  1. Locate your digital connectivity adapter that came with your meter.* If you can’t find the adapter or require technical support, please call 13 23 63 or email.
  2. Watch a short video or download a manual on how to install your connectivity kit below.
  3. Alternatively your meter can be bridged to a PC via a USB cable and our PC Meter Connect software.

*Depending on the meter type and its age, a digital connectivity adapter was likely included with your meter. All new meters now include an ethernet adapter.

Need technical support?

Phone us on 13 23 63