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Increased business efficiency.
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Reduce costs associated with returned mail handling and manual address verification.
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Reduce mail related costs thanks to bulk mail discount schemes.
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Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Postal Address Validation?

Many countries enforce postal address validation standards to improve mailing efficiency. In Australia this program is called the Address Matching Approval System (AMAS) from Australia Post. AMAS enforces the accuracy of a postal address match achieved by AMAS approved products.

What are the benefits of address validation?

AMAS approved software, like that provided by Pitney Bowes, provides confidence that your address validation procedures:

• Correct and match addresses against the Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF). The PAF is an authoritative database of Australian postal addresses.

• Add a unique Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) to each address record in order to generate a barcode for your mail.

What solutions does Pitney Bowes offer?

The solution is available in different forms to match your current and future address validation workflow requirements. Whether it is appropriate to perform the activity in a batch mode, or whether there is a need for real-time address validation to be incorporated into all of your core customer management systems, a solution from Pitney Bowes will integrate into your business processes.