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Simplify your inbound package process with intelligent lockers

Pitney Bowes is partnering with Groundfloor™ to provide custom-built locker solutions that deliver safety, security and convenience at your offices. Groundfloor parcel delivery lockers can be arranged into different layouts, whether you need to cater for a few or hundreds of recipients.

Modular and customisable solutions for seamless integration

Pitney Bowes and Groundfloor provide the software, lockers, database and service solution for optimal management of deliveries with a high-end look.

Main features of our Groundfloor locker solution:

  • 3 standard tower designs (each 1m x 2m x 0.5m)
  • 1 kiosk with any combination of towers
  • We help you size the system to your building
  • You only need to have power at the site
  • You can place the lockers indoors or outdoors

How it works

Tracking lockers icon 4 Your staff of any couriers can deliver straight into your GroundfloorTm lockers.
Tracking lockers icon 2 Recipient automatically receives a secure access code for 24/7 collection.Tm lockers.
Tracking lockers icon 3 Recipient collects parcel at their own convenienceTm lockers.

Automated on-premises parcel management