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Simplify your inbound package handling with smart lockers

Pitney Bowes provides custom-built locker solutions that deliver safety, security and convenience to your building. Our smart lockers are modular and scalable to fit your specific volume, space, layout and workflow requirements.

Modular and customisable solutions

Discover our smart parcel locker solutions, simplifying deliveries to your premises.

Our smart locker solution features:

  • A kiosk with any combination of
  • 5 standard tower designs (each 1m x 2m x 0.5m) incorporating a variety of locker size
  • Superior quality & durability, for  use indoors or outdoors and designed specifically for Australian conditions
  • Smallest footprint size on the market, requiring nothing more than power at the site
  • Easy to use, award-winning software that’s intuitive right from the start 

How it works

Tracking lockers icon 4 Your staff or any couriers can deliver packages straight into your smart lockers.
Tracking lockers icon 2 Recipient automatically receives a secure access and QR code via SMS or email.
Tracking lockers icon 3 Recipient collects parcel at their own convenience 24/7.

Automated on-premises parcel management