Parts of the SendPro C

Familiarise yourself with your SendPro C
Products affected: SendPro® C (2H30, R2H30, 7H30C, R7H30C)

Familiarise yourself with the parts of your SendPro C.

  1. Integrated scale - Weigh envelopes and parcels.
  2. Colour touchscreen display - Process envelopes and packages.
  3. Ink access cover - Allows access to the ink cartridges. Find the model and serial numbers inside.
  4. Paper jam lever - If a stall occurs on the transport deck, turn this to clear the envelope, post card or tape strip.
  5. Envelope moistener - Moistens the flap on the envelope.
  6. Semi-automatic feeder - Feeds and seals envelopes. Also feeds postcards and tape strips.

UPDATED: 18 October 2023

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