Creating pre-registrations in LobbyTrac (now Smart Access Management or SAM)

Pre-registrations in LobbyTrac (now Smart Access Management or SAM), allows you to add new meetings complete with attendee information and meeting details.
Products affected: LobbyTrac™, Smart Access Management™ (SAM)

Watch this video or follow the steps below to learn how to create pre-registrations.

There are two methods you can create pre-registrations.

Create pre-registrations using the Visitor Rego portal

  1. Log in to the Visitor Rego portal using your computer web browser.
  2. Select Register > Pre-register.
  3. Choose Add Meeting.
  4. Fill out the relevant meeting details.
  5. Click Submit Meeting.

Create pre-registrations using Microsoft Outlook

  1. Create a meeting invite via MS Outlook.
  2. Enter the email address for each visitor or attendee.
  3. Include
  4. Enter meeting details such as subject, date and time.
  5. Click Send.
Check out the SAM Australia to learn more about SAM (Smart Access Management).

UPDATED: 01 November 2022

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