Parts of the SendPro C Auto

Familiarize yourself with the parts of your SendPro C Auto.
Products affected: SendPro® C Auto (7H30A, R7H30A)

Familiarize yourself with the parts of your SendPro C Auto.

Parts of the SendPro C Auto device

  1. Integrated scale - Weigh envelopes and packages.
  2. Touch Screen Display - Allows you to enter and set up information on your device.
  3. Postage Printer Cover - Open to get access to the ink cartridges.
  4. Stacker Tray - Provides for neat stacking of printed envelopes.
  5. Transport Release Lever - If a stall occurs on the transport deck, turn this to clear the envelope, post card or tape strip.
  6. Printer Deck - Envelopes or post cards pass along the printer deck where your device prints the postage.
  7. Moistener - Applies sealing fluid to the envelope flap. You can seal envelopes or leave them unsealed, depending on the position of the Seal/No Seal lever.
  8. Feed Deck - Supports your envelope, post card or tape sheet as it passes into the feeder.
  9. Side guide - The moveable guide at the front of the feed deck. It stabilizes envelope position when feeding.
  10. Label Printer - Prints shipping labels.
  11. Feeder Cover - Provides access to the moistener bottle and the feeder release lever. You can use this release lever to disengage the feeder rollers from the feeder deck if you need to clear a stoppage.
  12. Seal or No Seal Lever - Allows you to turn envelope sealing on and off.
  13. Tape Feeder - Stores and feeds tape strips for postage printing.

UPDATED: 29 February 2024

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