Why you need to consider services & support when it comes to investing in technology solutions

Delivering exceptional customer service is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to business success. To meet this challenge, organisations are increasingly turning to technologies to help them automate and transform business processes so they can deliver unparalleled customer service and experiences.

Digital transformation comes in many forms, leveraging a multitude of technology solutions and empowering your business with significant cost, time, and resource savings. However, having the right tools in place could be meaningless if you don’t know how to properly optimise the solution at your fingertips and get the most out of your investment.

To help you fully optimise your solutions, look for technology providers that deliver exceptional professional services support in tandem with digital solutions that meet your needs.

Finding the perfect service partner

Finding the right provider for your support services is just as essential as having the right solution in place across your operations. Using technology to streamline your operations can help uncover valuable savings. However, if your solution isn’t working as it should, you could be left turning back to your old manual processes and systems. And, you could be facing the added cost of replacing your technology investment sooner than you anticipated.

To help mitigate these risks, it’s important to consider what level of support you need from your technology provider to keep your solution running seamlessly. And, you need to understand if your provider is capable of delivering the necessary level of support. Conducting due diligence is essential. Consider the following support services to determine if you need these to underpin your operations:

  • training collateral and delivery
  • parts management and stocking
  • logistics and deployment
  • call centre support services
  • consulting

Depending on your business’s needs, you could find that you need all of the above, as well as field service delivery, system dashboards and analytics, or even augmented reality or virtual reality monitoring. It’s important to consider the essentials for your operations before you decide on a provider.

The Pitney Bowes advantage

Pitney Bowes is committed to delivering world-class products and solutions to our valuable customers. As part of this commitment, we also provide a comprehensive range of services and support that underpin our technology solutions and are designed to keep your equipment working to its full potential.

Our approach to support services ensures you can maximise the availability and optimise the performance of your Pitney Bowes solutions, which helps minimise your potential business risk. We’re also committed to empowering your business to reduce the total cost of ownership of your solutions so you can get the best return on investment possible.

Depending on the Pitney Bowes solutions you use across your operations, our support services include:

  • hardware support, meter inspection, and preventative maintenance
  • software customisation and installation
  • relocation services
  • project management
  • operational reporting and analysis

We offer initial and advanced operator training to ensure your employees know how to use your Pitney Bowes products and solutions as well as we do. We can also create specific training programs that are shaped to your business’s unique needs. We can provide additional training and support whether you are implementing a new product or solution, need to train a new operator, require refresher training on an existing product, or would like to learn more about your systems.

Pitney Bowes also offers a range of response service levels that can be tailored to suit your requirements including tier one and tier two software maintenance agreements and dedicated equipment maintenance agreements. These agreements are designed to help you maximise your operational efficiency with our world-class service support.

For more information on how Pitney Bowes can help better support your business and its technology investments, contact the team today.