How inbound parcel management can help your business put an end to lost or misplaced parcels

Pitney Bowes’s 2021 Shipping Index recently revealed that Australians sent 1.07 billion parcels in the past year, 3.1 per cent more than the amount sent in 2020.1 The equivalent of 2.9 parcels per day, or 33.9 parcels per second, is a significant volume of parcels being shipped around the country, which can cause challenges for businesses in case of lost or misplaced packages.

Missing parcels can mean delays in customer service and lost revenue, as well as unhappy employees. This is especially true if your reception team or mailroom is too small or under-resourced to handle the volume of inbound packages you receive, or your employees are frustrated with failed or delayed deliveries.

As businesses continue in their digital transformation journeys, organisations are looking for any way possible to streamline operations with the support of technology, especially opportunities that can help save on time, resources, and, most importantly, costs. Investing in an inbound parcel management solution can help your business to achieve greater levels of efficiency and reduce the potential for missed or lost deliveries.

SendSuite Tracking– the Pitney Bowes solution

At Pitney Bowes, we recognise that information is everything and that receiving a package at your location (according to the courier’s records) is only one part of the process. With the support of innovative solutions that let you track, monitor, and receive deliveries with confidence, we help businesses take more control of their inbound packages.

SendSuite Tracking is Pitney Bowes’s receiving and tracking software that gives you complete visibility and control over your inbound mail. By using barcodes to track deliveries as they move throughout your business, SendSuite Tracking provides accurate status and chain of custody information for your business’s inbound packages. It is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

The benefits of its real-time tracking also go far beyond visibility into deliveries to ensure packages are received on time. With SendSuite Tracking, you can:

  • Support compliance processes: real-time tracking of inbound parcels lets you maintain audit trails and support compliance processes by verifying that mail reaches the proper recipient. This helps your business to maintain privacy and confidentiality, as well as secure document chain of custody.

1Update as available

  • Boost productivity: with real-time visibility of parcel status, your employees can provide quick, accurate responses to inquiries from customers or other employees. And, this reduces the amount of time staff spend looking for lost items, which can help to resolve delivery errors by ensuring items are received on time by the correct people.
  • Reduce costs: solutions like SendSuite Tracking Online are investments that can appreciate over time. Innovative parcel management solutions can help you reduce unnecessary time sinks in other areas of the business and reduce errors, which can ultimately help you to reduce costs. And, by eliminating the staff time needed to chase up parcels, more can be spent on other business-critical activities.

SendSuite Tracking in action

Pitney Bowes helped Fletcher Building Limited, one of the largest building companies in Australasia, streamline the logging, tracking, and management of incoming packages and mail that the business receives. Fletcher Building receives a high number of packages daily. The company had been using a manual, paper-based process to manage its incoming parcels; however, this process was time intensive for administrative staff and left room for errors.

Since transitioning to Pitney Bowes’s SendSuite Tracking solution, Fletcher Building has reduced the time its team spends on inbound parcel management by two hours daily. And, it has reduced the number of errors experienced in delivering packages and documents around the business, resulting in happier employees. Read the full story here.

For more information on how Pitney Bowes can help your business streamline its inbound parcel management with innovative technology solutions, contact the team today on 13 23 63 (AU) or via email.