How to optimise parcel shipping technologies to avoid hidden costs

As the Australian workforce moved online in 2020, consumers and business leaders alike increasingly relied on digital parcel shipping solutions. Increased online shopping meant that businesses needed to invest more in their parcel shipping solutions to best accommodate customers and meet increased demand. For companies that relied on parcel shipping for business needs, investing in solutions that could accommodate parcel shipping remotely, with staff working for home, was critical.

For most businesses, finding solutions that streamline parcel shipping without increasing costs has been a critical step. We’ve outlined three essential capabilities to look for in a shipping solution:

1. Multi-carrier options: by investing in solutions that integrate multi-carrier options, you can choose the best solution for your shipping needs. This is particularly important for e-tailers and companies that conduct business with customers in remote locations where not all carriers service. Being able to compare shipping rates so you can pick and choose the most time- and cost-effective service lets you continue to service all customers without increasing the cost of shipping unnecessarily.

2. Tracking: the increase in traffic from online shopping and parcel shipping caused delays for couriers in 2020. This emphasised the importance of parcel tracking information for both customers and businesses.

  • Tracking for customers: investing in solutions that offer tracking information is critical, so both customers and businesses have an idea of where items are at all times. Putting this information in the customers’ hands creates transparency so they can see that the parcel has been shipped by the e-tailer. Without tracking information, you can be liable for lost or misplaced products, and at risk of losing customers for future sales if they think the delay is your fault.

  • Tracking for businesses: it’s essential to invest in solutions that provide package tracking information for a better customer experience and using solutions that let you track your spending as a business can also help to keep costs low.

3. Automation: managing orders and parcel shipping can be time consuming. However, solutions that integrate automation can help to reduce time and costs spent on managing shipping. Solutions that enable simple label printing and integrate online stores for automated order management can help reduce the time involved in finalising orders.

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