Why maintaining safety and compliance for onsite visitors is critical

Why your organisation should consider a digital visitor and contractor management solution

The Coronavirus pandemic forced businesses around the world to change how they operated. This has led to investments in technology that can support a hybrid working environment and help meet changing rules and regulations. For businesses that experience a high volume of foot traffic across their sites—including from staff, visitors, and contractors—investing in solutions that facilitate a simple yet secure way of managing access onsite has become essential.

There are four key reasons you should consider investing in a digital visitor and contractor management solution.

1. Streamlined and efficient access management

It may seem obvious, though one of the primary benefits of a digital visitor and contractor management system is that it lets companies track and manage people on their sites more efficiently. A solution like Pitney Bowes LobbyTrac™ incorporates features such as QR code functionality for contactless sign-in, making it easy to self-serve.

The system captures, records, and saves information about visitors and contractors in a secure cloud-based database, ensuring you always have access to an up-to-date record of anyone who’s on your premises. LobbyTrac can also capture relevant security information or vaccination certificates, to help ensure only people that are authorised to be onsite can register or sign in.

2. Data-driven access management ensures compliance

Workplace health and safety legislation, the need to minimise health risks and increase security means that organisations can no longer rely on having a manual visitor log-book. Businesses must collect accurate information that can be accessed in real-time, while at the same time being able to maintain data privacy. This is where a digital solution comes in: offering an efficient and secure way of managing and tracking onsite visitors. Information is captured centrally and hosted in a secure cloud-based environment ensuring physical and digital access and data management is secure, protected and compliant.

3. Elevate health and safety

As we move into a post-pandemic world, it remains crucial to protect staff, visitors, and contractors. A digital system can give you the confidence that people onsite are entitled to be there and present a low health risk. It can also be updated as needed according to changing government recommendations or restrictions, making sure the organisation is always following the latest guidelines.

4. Saving cost & reducing your admin burden

The cost of having a digital system in your lobby or reception area is far lower than employing security and reception staff to manage visitors. It also means your staff doesn’t have to spend unnecessary admin time supervising the check-in process so they can get on with other, more valuable work.

In addition, a digital solution can create a central process that can easily be rolled out across one or multiple sites to keep up with the evolving number of staff, contractors and visitors. And it can be customised to individual office requirements.

The next step in digital visitor and contractor management

Digital access management systems should be considered a long-term investment for today’s businesses and will deliver immediate benefits. Pitney Bowes solutions can be customised according to your needs, providing total visibility and data-driven access management to help ensure everyone entering your premises has the required level of certification and approval.

You can achieve a greater depth of capability and assurance for your business with a complete, real-time, data-driven view of all your visitors, employees, and contractors. Supported by a high level of technical expertise we will align with and support the requirements of your in-house IT teams. Minimise health risks, drive increased security, ensure compliance and protect brand integrity while intelligently managing risk.

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