Contactless sign-in for reception

Sign in with a scan of a mobile phone. No touch.

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Smart Access Management

How Contactless Sign-in Works?

Contactless sign-in uses a secure QR code to quickly register visitors and avoid long queues at the kiosk. When visitors arrive at a location, they scan the QR code displayed on the premises with their smartphones. This triggers an automated process that securely captures the visitor’s information. The visitor is then given a printed badge that they can use as ID throughout their time on site.

A contactless visitor management system can greatly improve safety and security in the workplace

Pitney Bowes Smart Access Management® (SAM) is revolutionising the way businesses manage visitors. Through secure QR code technology, organisations are taking advantage of a contactless and efficient visitor management system that ensures the safety and security of their guest

Why your organisation needs contactless sign-in

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Visitors quickly sign in using their personal smartphone device with the scan of a secure QR code displayed on an iPad screen at reception. No need to touch the iPad at all. The QR code is frequently updated, so it can’t be copied or used offsite. Gain added efficiency and flexibility by designating your own custom fields, enhanced messages and policies.
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Eliminate contact during sign-in while adhering to social distancing recommendations. By automating the process, you can handle more visitors more quickly, including onboarding multiple people at the same time. Using their smartphones, guests are securely authenticated to the sign-in site. From there, they can be led to contactless sign in a separate area to finish signing in. This avoids congestion hotspots in the workplace.
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Communicate company greetings, messages, NDA agreements and policies directly to your visitor's smartphone. The sign-in is still contactless and you're still able to collect visitor information. This is an ideal way to automate your current safety requirements when onboarding new contractors.
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While our visitor management system offers an exceptional range of features for processing visitors, it also provides no-touch sign-in for employees. This includes QR codes, plus mobile sign-in using our companion app for iOS and Android. Help keep your staff healthy and safe while maintaining company security.

Explore our other visitor sign-in system features

We offer an array of Smart Access Management features beyond contactless-sign in. Explore our suite of features today to see how we can help you protect your premises.

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