Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Managing the flow of people through your business is no easy task. Pitney Bowes Smart Access Management®(SAM) is a visitor sign in system that enables you to effortlessly control and administer visitor access authorisation digitally via a portal or physically at your front desk.

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Fast registration
Fast registration
Online portal
Online portal

No more signing the visitors’ book

First impressions last! When new visitors arrive in your office, they'll be wowed by the easy visitor sign-in and sign-out process and SAM's professional look.

Reception kiosk

Instead sign into your new automated reception kiosk

Let SAM focus on your guests and give your visitors a VIP sign-in experience with a sleek and simple sign-in process.

Kiosk handling your visitor pass

The Kiosk will print out your visitor pass

SAM’s visitor sign-in process is seamless and streamlined for a modern, high-performance workplace and great first impressions for your visitors.

Digital teammate

And tell those expecting you that you have arrived

SAM is your reliable digital teammate who helps you streamline your sign-in process by sending automatic host notifications, reducing visitor wait times.

Information stored securely in the cloud

This information is then stored securely in the cloud

Convey you are a tech-forward organisation by collecting all the data you need to meet your compliance requirements in one central place, maintaining a high-security standard with SAM.

Frequently asked questions

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management application enables organisations to securely check in visitors. Our system can store, track and manage data across your company, to streamline your workplace facility safety and enhance positive visitor experience.

Does SAM print visitor badges?

Yes, SAM offers visitor badges. During visitor registration the entry kiosk prints out visitor information onto a label including: name, company, and host. If required logo and a barcode can be included.

How does Visitor sign in actually work?

  • Our visitor management system works by letting visitors pre-register if they want to, meaning it’s contactless sign in. When they arrive they simply swipe a QR code at the kiosk.
  • On-site registration – Our kiosk gives your visitors a step-by-step guide during registration to make sign in process fast and effortless.

What happens once Visitors have signed in?

  • After visitor registration they’ll get a warm welcome from Sam, your Digital Doorman.
  • You will get instant notifications alerting you of their arrival through our secure online portal.
  • Then you can go to your front desk and greet them as normal.

Can I customise the visitor management software?

  • Our visitor management software is fully customisable to all our customers
  • We offer easy changes to branding, registration fields and health and safety messaging

What visitor reporting does it have?

Our visitor management solution can run real-time reports from a central location to monitor your site and make sure all visitors are safe and accounted for, the reporting allows you to:

Manage site access via real time insights of who is on-site and for how long

  • Know 100% that people on-site are entitled to be there
  • Restrict access according to current recommendations and regulations
  • Manage visitors by checking everyone entering has all relevant approvals and certification

How our Visitor Management System enhances visitor experience

We have made sure that our Visitor Management System is smart, simple, and secure to make your visitor sign in process as seamless as possible. It’s easy to use, and helps to avoid bottlenecks at the front desk, reducing security and compliance risk while providing a warm welcome for you visitors.

How do I get SAM?

Complete the form below and we’ll call you back. Or please call us on 1800 110 198 or email at