Use Cases

Find out, by role, how Pitney Bowes Smart Access Management® (SAM) has helped some of our customers control, check and enforce authorisation of their colleagues, contractors and visitors.

Facilities Managers

SAM helps to create warm, positive and welcoming experience, for everybody - everywhere.

The Challenge

We held large meetings and events across our different sites and this was becoming very challenging and extremely admin heavy. All guests had to pre-register before they arrived, and depending on the type of visitor, there might be documentation required which had to be uploaded to authorise entry.

The process to capture the required documents was managed via email, and so we found that ensuring site safety videos had been watched was almost impossible to manage.

As all documentation/certifications is saved to our local server, it’s extremely challenging to track, store or retrieve crucial documents should we need to review or authorise entry.

How SAM has helped

All that is thankfully a thing of the past now, because with SAM we can pre-register and onboard all guests quickly and easily and can send them greeting messages and information based on the visitor type or function. They get clear next steps of what is required before they attend and all documentation is managed and captured through SAM making things easy and more secure for us.

We can now ensure all documentation is captured and saved to the visitor’s profile and archive this in our custom portal for future access. With SAM we’re always totally confident that all required certification has been properly captured and that onboarding videos have been watched, acknowledged and logged prior to entering the building. This frees us up so that we can focus on the visit itself and provide better, more welcoming experiences.

And because we can now publish QR codes for approved visitors, the whole welcoming process is extremely professional – visitors just scan their code on arrival and we know exactly who is visiting, when they arrive and where they are authorised to be at any given time. Real-time visibility means that we never lose sight of visitors and can plan and accommodate any kind of visitor type simply, quickly and easily.

Digital Transformation Officers

SAM provides the tech to meet evolving requirements with secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud hosting and GDPR compliance.

The Challenge

Our receptionists were welcoming guests and had to notify staff members of their arrival so that visitors could be collected from reception. This because more complex as the volume of guests started to increase, it was time consuming for our staff and came with a heavy administrative burden.

Because our staff were stretched so thinly, we found that data was often being captured incorrectly and the employee experience suffered as our people didn’t feel they had the right digital tools to do their job. Health and Safety was another real challenge as a manual entry log book just didn’t give us the depth and accuracy of data we needed.

How SAM has helped

Since we have had SAM, we’ve built unique workflows specifically for different types of visitors. These workflows are built around our specific requirements and align with business polices/processes, enabling us to care for all our employees and visitors.

Upon arrival, staff members are notified that their visitor has entered the building and they get an email and SMS so they know exactly when visitors arrive. We can also now synchronise by connecting through our active directory to ensure staff lists are up to date and that employees enjoy a safe, welcoming environment.

In the event of a fire drill, we now have no need for manual log books, we’re able to use mobile devices to access the SAM portal to get real-time insight into who is onsite to then effectively and confidently do a roll call to ensure all staff and guests can safely exit. SAM also has an additional feature which is the digital work board – this gives reception staff and facilities teams visibility into who is actively working onsite with a real-time view.

Operations Manager

Get deeper, more advanced capabilities to protect business integrity for greater assurance.

The Challenge

In the past we were using separate visitor management systems for all of our locations which didn’t meet our growing requirements. As we started inviting more guests on site, our existing solution began to feel quite restrictive and didn’t have the flexibility we needed to be able to have customised workflows that met the needs of each visitor type.

Capturing the right data is crucial for protecting our business and to do so we need a system we could trust to record the required information and complex documentation. We also needed to find a solution that we could fully customise to meet our unique needs, business processes and compliance regulations. With the old system we found limitations in how we could use screens in our reception area to display important messages and this really hampered the visitor experience and prevented us from displaying critical information.

How SAM has helped

Since we shifted over to SAM we have so much more flexibility and control. We’ve now got a number of truly customised workflows for each type of guest that enters our sites and this means that we can capture as much or as little information as we require from our different guest types. So we have total visibility and control from a single location that all our team members can access and we’ve been able to massively simplify and modernise our guest experience so they get a warmer, more welcoming initial impression.

With our bespoke SAM kiosk screens, we can display any type of message from health and safety to welcome messages at all exits and entrances into the building. And all of our kiosks also display an alert bell which can send a notification message to our assigned users when a visitor needs help or support. This enables us to be more responsive and agile, meeting visitor needs in real-time and ensuring that they have the best experience possible.

HR Managers

Support the creation of more human experiences for employees and ensure a safer working environment.

The Challenge

As HR Managers, we have regular contractors at each of our sites. We need them to be able to check in and out of each site, while we have full visibility across every location they visit. We also need to be able to access a real-time view of all site visitors and our own employees from a single, centralized location.

As all new contractors are onboarded before entering the building, this information must be logged, captured and archived for future reference and this is a real challenge because the sheer number of contractors visiting across multiple sites introduces not just complexity but significant workload and data capture requirements.

How SAM has helped

Since we shifted to using SAM, we can now easily check-in, register, and monitor all contractors across every location we operate within. SAM makes it simple to log, capture and archive any kind of visitor type for future reference and we can now extract all that data securely into other backend systems fore more visibility and clarity.

Our contractors are now onboarded prior to visiting the site and they get sent a unique web portal for them to log in and upload any required documentation or certification. And we can even set rules based on which type of guest we register so that onboarding videos can be watched before coming on site to ensure our unique policies are met. SAM has been a game-change and we’re now confident we can guarantee all of our contractors meet health and safety requirements and are authorised to be on site. It makes their whole experience more welcoming and faster too, they get given a unique QR code to use to access the building so the whole process is seamless.

SAM can also immediately notify us if any contractors have been denied access and our team gets insights into why they were denied access before they even arrive at the site. This lets us be far more responsive and agile and because we get everything in a single platform, it makes it easier to protect our people and locations.

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