Increase safety, security and traceability at your school

Mitigate security risks at your school premises.

Now more than ever, schools need to know who is on their premises at all times. A digital solution, like Pitney Bowes LobbyTrac™ provides a secure and easy way to manage visitors, contractors, and casual employees at your school grounds.

LobbyTrac is a self-service sign-in system that can help you maximise the safety of students, staff and visitors while minimising the security risks to your school. 

  • Automate with Working with children check (Wwcc).
  • Capture vital visitor information.
  • Produce real-time reports.
  • Store information in a secure cloud-based database.
  • Customise the sign-in process to provide site inductions and other safety information.
  • Automate the COVID-19 vaccination certificates process so you can keep a record of who’s been vaccinated.

Introducing PB TempCheck

Easily check a person’s temperature upon their arrival with PB TempCheck, an infrared temperature scanning device.

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