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Pitney Bowes proudly recognizes 100 years of innovation as craftsmen of commerce. Join us in taking a look back at our history and how Pitney Bowes continues to do the right thing, the right way today.

Image of original building of Universal Stamping Machine Company
Image of original building of Universal Stamping Machine Company, colorized

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Craftsmen of Commerce

It was a collaboration between an inventor, Arthur Pitney, and a promoter, Walter Bowes. Together, they created the metered mail industry, which went on to fuel mailing and shipping innovations for 100 years and counting.

From 1920 to 2020…

We have never stopped innovating. From the machine age through to digital transformation, we craft advanced, data-driven solutions for mailing, shipping, ecommerce, logistics and financial services.


In response to a need from the U.S. Postal Service, Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes merge their two companies to form the Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter Company.


Image of Pitney and Bowes with first edition of the company logo


March 15 - The U.S. House of Representatives passes its first bill to authorize “mechanical stamps” on First-Class® mail.

Image of Model M


April 23 – We launched our company with the Model M Postage Meter, Arthur Pitney’s invention, sitting within the Model A Mail Station. The meter was uni-denominational and printed 2 cent postage.


Model M postage meter


September 1 – Pitney Bowes becomes the first postage meter formally approved for use throughout the entire U.S. postal system. Our company expands to meet rising demand.

Image of Model A and letter from the US Post Office Department


Royal Mail, the postal and courier company for the United Kingdom, signs a partnership agreement with Pitney Bowes.


Royal Mail logo


The following year, Canadian Post also forms a partnership with Pitney Bowes.


Image of Canada Post


Walter Wheeler, a World War I veteran and Harvard graduate, is promoted to General Manager of the manufacturing facility in Stamford, CT. Over the next four decades, he will rise to CEO and Chairman.

Image of Walter Wheeler


Pitney Bowes invents the first multi-denominational meter, capable of printing different postage amounts for mail of various weights and sizes. Its feeding component was adapted from the Model B.