Image of Pitney Bowes factory floor
Image of Pitney Bowes factory floor


Innovation leads to
mailing industry growth.

Pitney Bowes continued to advance innovations in metered mail throughout the 30’s. The widespread adoption of our postage meters across the U.S. propelled the U.S. postal revenue from $32MM to $190MM.

From 1930 to 2020…

Today, our ceaseless commitment to creating new solutions and services that our clients truly need has earned us business from over 750,000 companies worldwide.


Businesses embrace the convenience of metered postage. Postal revenue soars from $32MM to nearly $190MM during this decade.


Pitney Bowes crafts a new standard in postage machines, a device capable of printing precise postage for packages of different weights and sizes, as well as for letters.

Image of assembly line


Walter Wheeler is promoted to President and CEO. He is instrumental in establishing the diverse, inclusive workforce that defines Pitney Bowes.


Image of Walter Wheeler


Pitney Bowes debuts the Mailomat, a combination coin-operated postage meter and letter box. It demonstrates another innovative step to simplify mailing.

Mailomat meter
Walter Wheeler
Walter Wheeler