Direct Mail Solutions

As direct mail has become more powerful and popular than ever, how do you create innovative pieces that increase response rates at a reasonable cost?  Pitney Bowes can help by offering a myriad of solutions that drive greater engagement and response while lowering postage costs.


Educational institutions at all levels produce and handle vast quantities of mail. Pitney Bowes knows exactly where to find cost-savings and efficiencies in the mailing operations of schools, colleges and universities.

Financial Services - Equipment

Are your marketing and communications programs helping you acquire new financial services customers, promoting new opportunities and cross-selling products and services?  Pitney Bowes marketing and communications solutions for financial services allow you to have flexibility to personalize your communications , cross-sell products and insert new promotional messaging. 

Financial Services - Software

In a consumer empowered market financial institutions must continue to increase profitability, capture new market share and retain customers all while reducing operational expenses and meeting regulatory compliance rules.

Government - State & Local

Better government depends on communication and the effective use of your mailstream


Healthcare market dynamics, particularly fueled by regulatory change in the U.S., challenges payers and providers alike to improve the quality of care while simultaneously reducing costs. Stakeholders are looking to harness new data, communication technology and analytics to drive better decisions and engage patients.


Today's leading insurance carriers need to connect with customers and gain an advantage over their competition. We help insurers minimize risk while improving the overall customer experience


Improve the ROI of your nonprofit. Pitney Bowes has the solutions you need to increase your mail open rates and help you get your message out to more donors. 

Public Sector

Government agencies are challenged with increasing internal efficiencies and productivity while maximizing budgets and improving their ability to communicate with citizens.


Retailers are challenged with meeting the needs of the empowered, socially connected consumers. The traditional brick-and-mortar sites while needing to provide and improve experience must run cost efficiently while integrating with a multichannel strategy.

Small Business

Small business marketing and customer communication tools that help improve efficiency and build stronger customer relationships


The communications sector has transformed significantly with cross-competing cable, wireless and wireline services. Industry success requires a better understanding of customer needs, premium quality of service and smarter next-generation models.

Vote By Mail

With our world-class automation technology platform, Relia-Vote allows you to compare signatures from ballot envelopes to signatures from the voter registration system or absentee ballot applications.