Understanding ValueMAX

Information on the ValueMAX repair/replacement program for the protection of leased equipment against loss, damage or theft. Instructions are also listed on how to opt out or make a claim on the ValueMAX program.
For information on the ValueMAX product replacement program use the links below. 

ValueMAX and the Benefits

ValueMAX is a repair/replacement service provided by Pitney Bowes or an affiliate for leased Pitney Bowes equipment. Although ValueMAX is not insurance, it covers the cost to repair/replace applicable equipment in the event of loss, theft or damage except for normal wear and tear, negligence, or misconduct. The only cost for the service is a flat, low monthly fee usually much less than an insurance deductible.

Benefits of ValueMAX

  • Fast Equipment Replacement: We aim to repair/replace equipment within 20 working days.
  • Peace of mind: Hassle-free process with no need to wait for an insurance adjustor in the event of a claim.
  • Broader Coverage with no deductible:  Many insurance policies may have high deductibles to keep premium costs down, and in many cases may have exclusions* (i.e., flood or water damage, power surge, earthquake, accident). Equipment will be replaced at full value with no asset depreciation. 
  • No out-of-pocket costs: Without adequate coverage, you may end up having to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement if you are not participating in ValueMAX

Exceptions to ValueMAX coverage

  • *Claims will not be considered if the damage is a result of normal wear and tear, negligence, or misconduct. Normal wear and tear is covered by the Service Level Agreement (SLA), with exceptions noted in your SLA.
  • Government accounts are not eligible for ValueMAX.
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Enrollment and Reactivation


To ensure your organization meets the lease obligation to protect Pitney Bowes equipment; ValueMAX will be applied to the lease invoice from the start of any new lease contract. Coverage will take effect on the date the first ValueMAX payment is received. 


Clients who have opted out of ValueMAX can request reactivation by Creating a Case online. Once the request is approved ValueMAX will be applied to the lease invoice. Coverage will take effect on the date the first ValueMAX payment is received. 

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Opt Out / Cancel

You can cancel ValueMAX at any time by providing proof of acceptable insurance coverage. Your lease contract requires you to keep the equipment insured against loss for its full replacement value under a comprehensive policy of insurance or another arrangement with an insurer of your choice. Follow the steps below to cancel ValueMAX.
  1. Sign in to your online account
    • If you are already signed in select the Support & Cases menu and click Create a Case
  2. Select Account Support>ValueMAX>Lease.
  3. Select your account number. 
  4. Select How do I cancel ValueMAX.
  5. Complete the form that populates and select Submit
  • ValueMAX payments can not be credited. Payments toward ValueMAX confirmed your continued participation in the program and coverage was provided during that time.
  • An unpaid ValueMAX balance will be cleared from the account as coverage was not active during that time. The balance will be cleared once the request to cancel has been approved and processed.
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Make a Claim 

  1. Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal. 
  2. Select Support & Cases and click Create a New Case
  3. Select Account Support>>ValueMAX>>Lease
  4. Choose How do I File a ValueMAX Claim.
  5. Include the following in the case:
  • Direct phone number
  • Contract number
  • Meter Serial number
  • Address where equipment is located (Note: If you have temporarily relocated, include this address as well)
  1. Select Submit
Once successfully submitted a case number will be displayed. A confirmation email will also be sent with this information.  A representative will be assigned to your case and will assist with completing the request.

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UPDATED: February 21, 2024