Meter Connection Types

UPDATED: August 30, 2016

Our mailing systems connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to refill postage, download software, update postal rate changes, and transfer data. Connecting your meter via digital internet connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) is the preferred method due to its convenience, reliability, security, and lower costs. Additionally, it provides substantially faster upload and download speeds.

The following explains ways to connect and links to install instructions. Then review options to identify the most suitable connection method for your meter.

CONNECTION TYPES - Select an option for detailed information

LAN Network Connection Direct Network Connection
A wired Local Area Network (LAN) connection via the internet is fast and reliable. LAN connection, also referred to as an Ethernet connection, uses a cable to directly connect to your internet source.

WiFi connection Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection 
Wi-Fi connection gives flexibility for where you put your meter, and eliminates trailing cables. Connects to a Wi-Fi network via the internet.

PC Meter ConnectPC Meter Connect™ (PCMC) Desktop Application


CONNECTION METHODS - Options by meter

 Learn more: Get connected to stay connected.

 Connection Options





SmartLink Connectivity Kit*

Communication Device**


PC Meter Connect

    *With meters shipped on or after July 18, 2016.
  **With meters shipped before July 18, 2016.
  = Included with the meter.

Connection Options

DM125 DM125™/DM225™    DM300c DM300C™/DM400C™            DM475    DM475™     

  DM mega        


USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit   

      USB Ethernet Enabled  

WiFi Connection Device 


Wireless Connectivity Bundle     


= Included with the meter.

 O = Optional - visit our Meter Connectivity Shop.

Connection Troubleshooting
Issues with connectivity can have various causes including: internet connection; software application configuration; server time out; the mailing system itself. For help with connectivity and your meter, see: Troubleshooting Connection Error Codes & System Messages.