Finding my current balance information online

UPDATED: August 11, 2017

You can access all of your billing and postage balance information online using your account. If you have not created your account, view instructions.

TIP: Learn how to check your postage account balance directly on your meter, or online using your account.


Click this button here to sign in and go directly to an overview of your current balances:

Sign In Here


Your 'Account Overview' is a summary of your total balances under three account categories:

(1) Invoices - lease, rental, or supply

(2) Purchase Power® - your current balance, and minimum amount due

(3) Prepaid Postage - your current postage balance if you pre-pay using the Reserve Account or USPS®

Account Overview balances

  • Select the blue View & Pay buttons for more information about your invoices or statements.
  • Select the View button under 'Prepaid Postage' for details of your postage and transactions activity.
  • The How do I... section provides helpful links to common billing tasks.

When you sign in to your account, Your Financials section provides helpful tools and information including postage balances for Purchase Power® and/or Prepaid Postage (Reserve Account or USPS Prepaid Account).
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To see a breakdown of your postage usage by month and by product, view your Pitney Bowes Analytics and Insights Report using your account.