What do our customers think of Smart Access Management?

Here are what some of our trailblazing customers have to say about our Smart Access Management solution
Trinity Care Case Study
Trinity Care

 "The visitor management system was fully customised to fit with our requirements and is updated as needed in line with changing government regulations. Having digital access to all records of visitors, along with their contact details and health-related information gives us peace of mind that we have full control over access to our homes. It helps us keep residents, staff and visitors safe and secure." 

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Les Powell School Case Study
Les Powell School

 "Having an all-in-one, low maintenance piece of software that could easily and simply track the whereabouts of all staff members, contractors and other visitors to the school was important. The visitor management system is easy to use and intuitive. Regular visitors to the school were given their own barcodes to simplify their check-in and check-out process. And, because the system is digital, there are no more problems with illegible names or phone numbers. All the information we need is easily found in the system." 

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Anglicare SQ elevates healthwith Pitney Bowes
Anglicare SQ

 "The Pitney Bowes solution lets Anglicare SQ more efficiently collect and store all relevant visitor data to meet government requirements. And, by eliminating the need for additional support staff to manage temperature checks and visitor sign-in on weekends, Anglicare SQ can dedicate more funds towards delivering essential community services to vulnerable Queenslanders." 

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Beaufort & Skipton Health Service
Beaufort & Skipton Health Service

 "The Pitney Bowes system is easy to use and easily configured, making it the ideal solution for the Beaufort & Skipton Health Service. It can be set up as needed in multiple locations, ensuring there is a secure sign-in solution available at every entrance without the need to dedicate staff time and resourcing. This let us provide an added layer of protection to our local community members now and in the future." 

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