There's a smarter way to send.

As your business needs change, your mailing and shipping needs may also change. If you find yourself sending more packages and letters, or if you regularly print shipping labels from your office printer, the latest digital technology will help you get things done more efficiently.

Simplify your mailing & shipping with an easy-to-use system.


Process mail at 65 letters per minute with the SendProTM C


Save up to 11%* on your everyday mailing


7” colour touchscreen makes selecting sending options quick and easy

Print postage

Print accurate postage on envelopes or labels and refill postage digitally in seconds

Learn how our latest digital technologies take the complexity out of your mailing and sending needs.

SendProTM C – Sending made simple

The SendPro C postage meter is reliable and easy to use, allowing you to process mail in record time. You can be confident your business is paying the correct postage on every letter and parcel.

If you're looking for a digital system that will help you operate efficiently, save time and money on postage, SendPro C is the solution for you.

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                                                     *Actual savings may vary depending on weight, zone and services.