Receiving and Tracking Solutions

Reduce misplaced items and increase productivity with real-time package tracking and receiving solutions from Pitney Bowes.
Streamline inbound package delivery with real-time tracking
From the time your parcel arrives at your premises to the time it’s delivered, Sendsuite® Tracking helps you get the job done fast and with minimum errors. It provides accurate status and chain of custody of your inbound parcels for increased customer satisfaction whilst meeting your business needs. Our solutions provide you with the tools to deal efficiently with customer service inquiries, monitor productivity levels of your staff, view of how you are performing against service level agreements and to identify best practices.

Simplifying your inbound parcel management

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Easy for anyone to use. Within 10 minutes of receiving your welcome email, you will be proficient and productive.
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Choice of software implementation – PC, server or cloud-based. Easy browser-based administrative management for multi-sites.
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Automatically enters all relevant information into the system, including: carrier, tracking number, sender and recipient.
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Reduce calls. You can send email notifications to recipients once a parcel has been scanned.

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How do you keep track of shipments?

Receiving and tracking packages the traditional way involves managing an influx of shipments from different carriers at different times each day, manually capturing each package’s details and ensuring the correct package is delivered to the intended recipient. These labor-intensive steps often lead to misplaced or lost packages, frustrated recipients and avoidable data-entry errors. Today, modern organizations largely depend on real-time tracking. These on-premise and cloud-based software solutions track inbound packages from the moment a package is received until it’s delivered to the recipient.

What is an inbound package tracking and receiving system?

An inbound package tracking system includes software that takes over the delivery process after a carrier drops a package off at an organization’s front desk or mail center. The system scans all the information from the package’s shipping label needed for final delivery and a chain-of-custody record. Inbound tracking systems eliminate the need for manual data entry and helps ensure packages aren’t misplaced or lost.

Would your business benefit from an inbound package tracking and receiving system?

Nearly any organization that receives inbound packages or assets can benefit from the real-time tracking an inbound package system provides. Pitney Bowes’ tracking and receiving software solutions simplify the way you track incoming packages and manage assets by establishing end-to-end chain of custody, so you know exactly what came in, who it was for and when it was routed to its proper destination.