Benefits of metering your mail

Find out more about the benefits of using a postage meter and why metering mail is right for your business.
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Take control of your mailings with PB Post

PB Post is a convenient way to pay for your postage as you go. It offers you the ability to have your own post office within your office. Using a postage meter with PB Post allows you to receive greater discounts on your postage. The meter will automatically update changes in postal rates to ensure you pay the correct postage every time.

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Save time, increase productivity and never queue at the post office again.
Using PB Post will give you greater discounts on your postage.
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Process mail quickly and efficiently. A postage meter is easy to use.
Pay for your postage via one monthly invoice.
Add postage after the mailpack is created and eliminate the need for pre-printed envelopes.
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Your meter automatically updates the latest rates to ensure you pay the correct postage every time.
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Print quality graphics and promotions on your envelopes, plus a return address to improve accuracy.
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It’s easy to get started with PB Post

1. Contact us on 0800 748 639 or email and we’ll help you join PB Post.

2. Pitney Bowes then becomes your Postage Provider.

3. If you don’t already have a postage meter, Pitney Bowes offers the option to lease a meter for a small monthly fee.

4. Start using PB Post and start saving on your everyday mailing.

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