PB Post is a convenient way to pay for your postage as you go.

PB Post

PB Post offers you the ability to have your own post office within your office. By selecting Pitney Bowes as your postal services provider you will enjoy greater postage discount. 

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Add PB Post to your postage meter to enjoy deeper postage discounts.

Greater Savings.
Using a postage meter with PB Post allows you to receive deep discounts on your postage. The postage meter will automatically update changes in postal rates to ensure you pay the correct postage on every item franked.

Greater Transparency.
You are only charged for each item franked from your Pitney Bowes invoice (not bundled with the envelope cost and envelope over printing costs).

No Wasted or Unused Postage.
Pay only for what your business uses. Plus, there is no possibility of wasting postage through spoiled envelopes – add your postage after the mailpack is created. Reduce your costs by eliminating pre-printed envelopes. 

It’s easy to get started.

1.      Contact us on 0800 748 639 or email and we’ll help you join PB Post.

2.      Pitney Bowes will then become your Postage Provider.

3.      If you do not already have a postage meter, you will need to get a Pitney Bowes Postage Meter.

4.      Start using PB Post and you’ll be on your way to deeper postage savings.

The right solution for any business.
PB Post is an ideal solution for any business that wants to save time and money. PB Post effectively manages your expense on postage. Bundled with an easy to use postage meter means you’ll receive deep discounts for using your meter, day after day.

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