Set Up an Online Profile to Order Supplies

Create an account with the Pitney Bowes online store to place orders, track orders, get product support, and more.
  1. Open the Registration  page in a new tab. 
  2. Select one of the following

I am an Existing Pitney Bowes Customer

💡Tip: Existing customer registration is for clients who hold Pitney Bowes equipment, you will need a customer number to set up your webstore profile. 
I am not a Pitney Bowes Customer
💡Tip: New customer registration is for first time users of the Pitney Bowes webstore who do not have equipment with Pitney Bowes.

Registering as an existing customer

1. Enter your customer number and press Search.
2. Press Select once the company name and state location show. 
3. Complete all required fields in the form and press Continue.
❗IMPORTANT: The email used to register will be your username to sign in.
4. Your Pitney Bowes webstore profile has been created.
5. An email notification will be sent to confirm the creation of your profile.

Registering as a new customer

  1. Complete all required fields in the form and press Continue.
    • Enter First and Last Name
    • Email address (Note: this will be your login)
    • Create a password

Watch a video on how to Register


UPDATED: 23 January 2023