Adjusting the print job properties on the AddressRight 100

Learn how to adjust the print job properties on the AddressRight 100.
Products affected: AddressRight™ 100 Printer

The printer driver describes to the printer how to print your job. It controls printer operation and allows you to send fixed and variable text and graphics to the printer. Use the properties to control and customize the printer’s output.

To access these options, in your data management software, select File > Print

To print the job, click Print.

To access the following printer driver properties, click Properties or Printer Properties to open the Document Properties window.


On the Layout tab, use the Orientation menu to select Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Advanced Options

Click the Advanced button to open the Advanced Options screen.


From the Paper Size menu, select the size of media to be used.

From the Copy Count menu, select the number of copies to print.

Document Options

In Printer Features you can set the resolution of the printer, printer speed, and inverted printing, as well as add a feed delay to provide separation between pieces.

Print inverted

In normal operation, printing is read from the operator side of the printer. It is sometimes necessary to turn the printing direction 180 degrees from the normal direction. This occurs when, due to layout, method of binding, or flap position, media must be fed in the reverse direction.

To invert printing (reverse the printing direction 180 degrees), select Yes from the Print inverted menu.


From the Resolution menu, set the resolution (print quality). Changing the resolution to a higher number increases image quality. Note: Higher resolutions reduce print speed options.

From the Beltspeed menu, set the print speed for the print job. The speeds available for a particular job are determined by the Resolution set for the job.


Speeds Available

600 x 150 DPI

Low, Medium, Medium High, High

600 x 200 DPI

Low, Medium, Medium High

600 x 300 DPI

Low and Medium

600 x 600 DPI


Feed Delay

Use the Feed Delay menu to put more space between pieces as they are printed. This gives the piece more time to dry before the next piece is printed.

Adjustments are made in 0.1-second increments.

UPDATED: 31 January 2023

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