Installing inkjet cartridges on the AddressRight 200

Learn how to install inkjet cartridges on the AddressRight 200.
Products affected: AddressRight™ 200 Printer

The printer has 6 inkjet cartridges.

To install cartridges:


Caution: For continued protection against possible fire, use only Pitney Bowes ink cartridges designed for use with this printer.

  1. Open the latch lever to remove the used cartridge from the cartridge holder. Pull the cartridge up and out of the holder.
    Install Inkjet Cartridges_175x132
  2. Remove the new cartridge from packaging. Take care not to touch the copper contacts, metal plate, or gold printhead. Remove the protective tape from the printhead.
  3. With the cartridge’s printhead pointing down, slide the cartridge into the holder. Push down and toward the contacts in the holder.
  4. Make sure that the cartridge is seated in the holder. Close the latch lever to secure the cartridge. DO NOT force the latch lever into place.
    Install Inkjet Cartridges_1_174x131
  5. Repeat for remaining cartridges.


Caution: Ink in cartridge may be harmful if swallowed.

Keep new and used cartridges out of reach of children. Discard empty cartridges immediately.

UPDATED: 23 January 2023

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