Setting up the AddressRight 300 Feeder

Learn how to set up the AddressRight 300 Feeder.
Products affected: AddressRight™ 300 Printer
  1. Release the separator locking lever. Raise the separators and lock in position.
    Optional Feeder Set Up and_335x289
  2. Place the media under the separators, then release the separators so that they rest on the media. Lock the separators in position using the locking lever.
    Place media under Separators_3_339x201
  3. Adjust the side guides to within 1/32" (0.8 mm) of the media, then adjust the rear guide so that the media is raised approximately 1/2" (12 mm). For heavy, thick media, this may not be required.
    Place media under Separators_320x211
  4. Adjust the exit roller pressure by pushing in on the pressure control lock button [A] and raising or lowering the adjusting lever [B]. For plain paper or envelopes, place the lever in the down position. For thicker material, adjust the lever so that the media is fed smoothly through the exit roller assembly.
  5. Turn the feeder on.
  6. Feed one piece with the speed control set to low speed (1 or 2).
  7. Stop the feeder with the piece halfway through the exit by turning off the power switch.
  8. Adjust the feed sensor so that it is pointed directly at the piece as it exits the feeder. The sensor prevents double feeding in case of a jam or stoppage.
    Place media under Separators_2_286x214
  9. Set the AUTO/MANUAL switch to MANUAL.
  10. Press the SINGLE feed button for single sheet feeding or the CONTINUOUS feed button for continuous feeding.
  11. Interface Connection: The feeder can also be controlled remotely. To have the feeder start feeding from a remote signal, the signal must be wired through the INTERFACE connector on the feeder. The AUTO/MANUAL switch must be set to AUTO.

UPDATED: 23 January 2023

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